Unable to connect wifi

I just purchased a gen 3 and have been trying to connect for 2 days. I have excellent wifi so I know this is not the problem. Have unplugged and tried multiple devices. I have been able to setup a schedule from my computer but still does not matter if controller will not connect. Any suggestions! I am ready to have taken off and replace old system

Your symptoms are different from what others have posted. I believe that you cannot get a controller associated with your account, without the controller connecting to the cloud. So, I believe that it connected at least once, although it is offline now.

What do the lights show?

Does the controller appear in your router’s connected devices? If so, can you ping it?

At app.rach.io, what is the controller state (offline, or somthing else)?

Is it the same in your mobile app?

@JKubinski - are you getting a light code error? Or is there a message from the app during the setup? What device and OS is being used for setup (model/version specific)?

Are you located outside the US?

Can the WiFi system be described - mesh, extender, etc.?

Can you run the RouteThis app and post the key/code returned so Rachio can review?

@JKubinski Looks like your controller is connected. Welcome to the community and let us know if you have other feedback or questions.