Unable to connect when using Unifi AP


It isn’t. The difference is literally unchecking the “Enable resolution services” option in the Synology DNS UI. From Synology’s help topic on the setting:

You can enable resolution services to allow the DiskStation to resolve recursive queries. A recursive query occurs when the DiskStation is not authoritative for a requested domain. In this case, the DiskStation queries other domain name servers until the information is found, or until the query fails.

For example, if a client queries your DiskStation for the address of “synology.com,” but your DiskStation is not authoritative for this domain (i.e. you do not own synology.com), it will query other domain name servers or forward the request to specified forwarder servers, and then relay the result back to the sender of the query.


And for completeness: enabling DNS forwarding on my DNS server resulted in the Rachio connecting almost instantly. No need for any special wifi network or anything.


That makes sense then, as a device should move to the next DNS server in its list. If it got back a non valid domain response then I’d expect it to stop at that response.


Rachio engineering confirmed that the firmware for v2 devices doesn’t support falling back on a refused response. Ah well, I’m just glad I was able to sort out what was going wrong.