Unable to Connect to WIFI Velop Router

Had no problems with controller for 2+ years until last week when we lost power and I had to (Factory) reset my entire home network. Since then I have been unable to connect my Rachio Controller. I have (factory) reset the controller, used Android, IOS and Windows 10 Bat file to flash the network settings to the controller but nothing sticks/works. Good Wifi signal strength when connecting via devices and laptop.

Spoke to customer service, who stated it was and ISP issue (its not). I did use the “Route This” app, which showed my mesh system might be an issue but I find it odd that it worked just fine until we lost power and everything was factory reset. I believe it may be some type of router setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated before my lawn and flowers die!

Set up a mobile phone as a temporary hotspot. With a second mobile phone, confirm that you can connect to it and access the internet. Then, use the second phone to provision Rachio to connect to the hotspot. Once the controller is online, set up a Fixed schedule with no weather smarts enabled. Do a Quick Run on that schedule to confirm it works and get water to your plants. This schedule will run indefinitely without internet access, so you can return both phones to normal service and won’t have to worry about anything dying.

If you can’t get the controller to connect to the hotspot, we need to determine whether the controller hardware failed, or for some reason all your provisioning attempts did not work. Provide details including controller light states at each step and error messages from app.

If the controller did connect to the hotspot, please provide info about your network: ISP? Modem make/model? In bridge mode? Router/firewall make/model? Additional access points? Other than SSID and password, list all non-default settings in your network gear.

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