Unable to connect Rachio 3 to my wifi

Bought a new Rachio 3 to replace my Hunter system but unable to connect it to wifi. I have a mesh system and a separate dedicated guest network on it. Tried connecting my iOS phone and Rachio to both main and guest networks but unable to connect to any of them. Did a wifi reset on Rachio multiple times and tried connecting to both the networks but no luck. Lights are stuck at Quadrant 2. Ran RouteThis scan and this is my code - XHPGD7B4. Running iOS 14.3. A lot of users have been facing this issue so it’s time Rachio does something to address this annoying issue.

Is your “Guest” network dedicated to 2.4ghz ? If not, make it so.

Is it fixed to channels 1, 6 or 11 ? If not, make it so. It could be that it has auto selected CH13. You also don’t want it taking a channel which can have co-channel interference.

See if IOS has an app called Wifiman from Ubiquiti Networks, and use it to check the signal strength at the location of your Controller.

And are you really setting it up correctly ? Ultimately, your phone WON’T be connecting to your WiFi, but WILL be connecting to your controller, where you then get the controller to search for the WiFi SSID, and those details then get saved onto the controller

Wifi strength is good. I have other devices connected that are located close by without any issues. Not sure if I can setup the guest network to 2.4 ghz only.
That’s right, phone connects to controller and then controller tries to connect to wifi. I think the issue I’m facing is when controller tries to connect to the wifi.

You can quickly confirm or refute that by setting up another phone as a temporary hotspot, and trying to connect the controller to that. If you don’t have another phone to use, set up your phone as the hotspot and use a different device (tablet, old phone with no SIM, laptop) to run the app or establish the connection.

It’s possible that your current devices are all connecting to 5ghz.

I’m assuming that you are using the same SSID for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

Maybe is your 2.4ghz setup to use mode 802.11n only ? Turn on b/g

I had the same issue when I first tried to set up. Open app / web address on your laptop and follow prompts. Have not had an issue since.