Unable to add more Schedules

I am running Gen II.
I just started deleted all my old monthly schedules to replace them with the new daily flex schedule.
I am attempting to set up one zone per schedule.
I am about half way through and the website version will not let me add more.
When i try with my iPhone add it tells me that all zones are already in a schedule which is clearly not the case from the homepage where some zones are listed as “not scheduled” in attached screenshot.

Please help

@agbush The Gen 2 flex daily limit is 8 schedules.

Is there any way you can add zones into the same schedule?

Just a note that flex daily schedules are actually just containers for zones to run in. Each individual zone will track towards its own soil moisture levels and could potentially run at a different cadence than other zones in the schedule. The flex daily schedule is really just a way to have a start time for the zone(s) to run. Our system will decide, based on soil moisture levels, if the zone(s) should run on a particular day or not. We don’t run zones as a group in flex daily schedules.


Add all zones that are not drip or bubbler to the same flex…they will get their own tailored love from rachio

Thank you. So to confirm with the new Daily flexible schedules:

  • I can add multiple zones to the same schedule
  • Each will still be individually controlled based on its own individual moisture levels.

Thanks. Andy

@agbush. That’s correct. Another important point is that if you’re interested in the Smart Cycle feature you should keep any drip, bubbler or emitter zones in a separate schedule. If one of them is in a schedule none of the zones in that same schedule will cycle-soak. That’s why @plainsane mentioned it earlier.

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Another big advantage of having multiple zones in one flex schedule is when using smart cycle. While one zone is waiting to water again, another zone will run, taking down the total duration time for all your zones to run.