Unable to Activate Sprinklers for Test

Just updated from a Hunter Pro-C to the Rachio 3. Old and new setups connected as above. However, when testing the zones, none of the sprinklers activate. Water is definitely on. Manually turning the solenoids does not turn on the sprinklers, either. I’ll be honest, I did not test immediately before installing, but can confirm sprinklers were working as of last weekend. Is it an issue with setup, or irrigation system?

Try disconnecting the rain sensor the two sensor wires from S1 and S2. The rain sensor needs to be S1 and -24Vac but I would try it without the rain sensor first and then add them back after you get the system working.

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You really don’t need the rain sensor w/ Rachio. The wiring depends on if it is a wired (S1 and 24 V-) or wireless. You can go here for instruction on wireless https://support.rachio.com

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I think @gaustin nailed it already. With the rain sensor wired up incorrectly, Rachio won’t function.

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What is going on with the gray wire in zone 1? First, what’s the orange splice/tap thingy? Second, is the wire just stripped back that far (looks like it is seated correctly, that is just a lot of exposed wire)?

@tmcgahey, I think the original black wire going into station 1 was too short and he spliced an extension on there, but idk.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried disconnecting the sensor wires, but no change.

Correct. You can tell from the original install that the Zones were oriented vertically in the Hunter, with Zone 1 being at the bottom (shortest). Unfortunately, with the Rachio, Zone 1 requires the longest wire being at the opposite end from the entrance, so had to get creative. I think that’s seated in there correctly, but can’t completely rule that out as an issue. I dropped the housing box as low as I could to get as much wire as possible, but it’s up against the outlet at this point, can’t go any lower.

@mmcdaniel14 - if manually activating the solenoid/valve doesn’t cause water to come out of the zone, then I’m thinking the water isn’t reaching that valve and the problem won’t be with Rachio. Is there a shutoff valve some where that is closed?

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Hi…follow the wires from the rain sensor to the common wire of the clock (or to the clock itself) Remove them from the clock, or take them out of the common wire (reconnect common wire).
You may have a Master Valve that would still be closed therefore opening the zone valves manually (by loosening the solenoids) will not do anything.

printed circuit board

Since forced solenoid does not work means problem is some where on water path…
Do u have a master valve before the solenoids?