UI change request

Hi, I’m requesting a change to your web facing UI. I have 3 schedules that are staggered - the problem is – when I look at my calendar it is impossible to determine which schedule(s) will run and when it / they will run since they are all colored the same.

I’m requesting you consider using different colors for each schedule and if more than one schedule is occurring on a day, show multiple drops on the calendar.


Looks like you have Fixed schedules for which that could be useful, especially if you only have a few schedules. I have both Fixed and Flex and the Fixed show up as blue drops and the Flex show as green drops. Days that have both types running I see and half blue half green drop.

The calendar view isn’t very useful for Flex Daily schedules with multiple zones. I have a few of those and rarely does it run all at once. So my schedule may run every day but each zone only waters every 3 or 4 days. I’ve found when I want to know when a zone last ran and will next run I use the main screen that lists both of those per zone.

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Hi @Norm and @GregS-

Would you rather know what schedules or what zones were running any given day from that view?

McKynzee :rachio:

For me, zones; but I’m not sure how you get that work well graphically for 8 to 16 zones. Perhaps you can add a way to filter it so I can see every day that waters by default but then hide certain zones or show a specific zone so I can get a feel for how often it’s going to run.

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@GregS I like it. We ran into the same concern when toying with displaying zones that were watering on any given day. I can promise you there are people more creative than myself here that can probably come up with a solution :wink:

For me either would be better - I only have 4 zones - two are for grass - one is a garden and the other is landscape. Little icons (emojis) for zones depicting what is being watered would be best, little numbers in the drops indicating zones would also be nice or like I mentioned – different colors for each zone. I guess you could do colors for schedules and numbers in the drops for zones. But like I mentioned - anything would help - right now the same drops on every day does not provide much information WRT what is or what was watered.

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