Two zones watering at the same time

I have two zones that come with on at the same time. I purchased the voltage reader and it says each zone is fine. I had an old rainbird controller and I did not have this issue. I have ran both zones separately and both zones come on. Any suggestions to fix?

Did you recently install the Rachio and this issue has occurred from Day 1? Or was the Rachio working fine for a while, and then the issue started later?

It’s been happening since day one.i have had it going for about 4 weeks.

Here are some potential troubleshooting steps for resolving issues with two zones running simultaneously, based on other posts I found in the Rachio community:

  1. Check Wiring: Ensure that the wiring is correctly connected. Verify that no wires are crossed or touching each other. Each zone wire should be securely connected to its respective terminal.

  2. Inspect Valve Solenoids: Check the solenoids on the valves to ensure they are functioning properly. A faulty solenoid can sometimes cause zones to run simultaneously.

  3. Controller Settings: Verify the schedule settings on your Rachio controller. Ensure that there are no overlapping schedules that could cause two zones to activate at the same time.

  4. Master Valve Configuration: If you have a master valve, ensure it is configured correctly in the Rachio app. Incorrect configuration can lead to simultaneous zone operation. Event if you do not have a Master Valve, check to make sure you have not accidentally enabled the Advance Wiring (M Terminal) settings.

  5. Power Cycle the Controller: Sometimes, simply power cycling the controller (turning it off and on) can resolve software glitches that may cause this issue.

  6. Firmware Update: Check if your controller firmware is up to date. Updating to the latest firmware can resolve known issues and improve performance.

  7. Contact Support: If the issue persists after performing these steps, please report back and consider contacting Rachio support to confirm there is no defect with the unit.

Hope that helps!

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