Two zones running on same sprinklers

My Rachio3 was installed yesterday by a professional. Before he left everything was working and today’s 5:00am schedule was correct. Later today my lawn guys did some flower bed work and decided to run the system manually. Rather than ask how to do it they began trying to get it to work. When they totally screwed it up they asked for help. They had never seen a Rachio before. I managed to get everything online and working again except one zone. Zone 3 works as it should. Zone 4 now runs as zone 3 also. I can’t get it to operate zone 4 at all. The wiring is still correct and I am totally at a loss for what to do.

Did they change any wiring at the valve in the yard?

Try running each zone manually or run the setup wizard. If that doesn’t work right, then they rewired something in the yard or crossed some wires,