Two Zones coming on at once

I have a Gen 1 that has worked flawlessley. Recently we had new valves installed, the wiring is correct, when manually operated, everything is fine. When I test via the app, there is one zone that gets turned on when I do a quick run on 2 zones on the app. One of them (on the app is correct, the other is another zone entirely. Again, the wiring seems to be correct, scratching my head . Thanks in advance…

jconn1214, I am having a similar issue after having a valve replaced.

Has anyone out there in the community seen anything similar? I discovered this issue when I was testing my system for the 2023 watering season and did a Quick Run on Zone 2 and Zone 7 also came on.


@planotom - check the valve for zone 7 - the diaphragm may be failing. It wasn’t mentioned which valve was replaced.