Two rainbird controllers to one rachio3 can a controller wire double as a zone?

So sorry if this has been asked before, I did searches but couldn’t find an answer.

I am changing over from 2 controllers to one rachio3. I now have a zone that doesn’t come on and I think it’s because one of my controllers was using the c wire as a zone. Is that a thing? Can I just jumper it to a zone? Or will that screw up the other zones attached to that c wire to come on when that zone does and if so how do I fix that? Do I have to have two controllers because of how this was set up? See pics below. (Sorry realized I should take pics after I started taking off wall)

@Nicole - can a picture of the Rachio wiring be posted too?

Which zone doesn’t work?

I’d also check in the Rachio app that the zone with the issue is not disabled and is in a schedule (do a quick run).

I think you can run all the zones on one Rachio, nothing looks strange on the prior wiring.

Do you have access to an ohm meter?

Do you know where the valve for the zone that won’t come on is located? If so, check the wiring connectors there. Also, try manually activating that zone using the bleed screw or turning the solenoid.

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In the second controller, I have a couple of questions. Is the white wire in station one an actual common wire? Maybe one of the spare colored below is actually a working station wire?

And like @DLane said, a picture of the Rachio wiring may help us see what is going on with the new controller.

Actually those two wires on the right were zone wires coming out because the boxes were already being pulled off the wall.

I actually figured it out by not being such a wimp about it and experimenting a little. I just plugged the white wire from the second wire bundle in a zone instead of c and ran it. It didn’t need to be in the c position at all. All the other ones still work fine. Thanks for checking in and helping.
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@Nicole, glad to hear you got it working!