Two master valves in gen2

I have a front yard and a back yard. I have RPZ units in both (this was necessary due to how my property is) and as a result, I need to have 2 master valves. How would this work in rachio?

See Two master valves

Thanks, I guess the conclusion is rachio does power 3 valves simulatenously. My brief googling indicated otherwise initially but maybe that was gen1 not gen2.

Is there a way to combine common wires inside the rachio panel? Is there a solution that will fit into that enclosure? I m familiar with wire nuts I just dont know if it will fit there.

So i would first get 2xhot and common wires and join them from both master valves. That gives me 2 wires, hot and common. I then bring those 2 new wires to the controller. Now I need to join the master common wire with another existing common wire there. The problem is all common wires are taken thus I need to join them. I can make a small jumper cable and join 3 cables (2 existing common and 1 jumper) and insert it into common. The question is will this fit there inside the panel.

As a side note, is it okay to just run bare 18 awg wire (bare as in individual cables with their insulation but not one of those 18/4 cables with black exterior insulation) from outside to inside?

@Derstig - there will be at least 2 common wire terminals on the Rachio 8 zone unit and the 16 zone unit doubles the common terminal count to 4. So there shouldn’t be an issue on getting the common wires connected. I’d put the field wire common(s) in one terminal and the two master valve commons in the other terminal. There should be enough room inside the Rachio for a wirenut or two to combine wires and running the individual wires is fine - it is all up to how the installation will appear when done.

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