Two glitches in v3: notifications and date format


Hi Rachio team,

Software v3 looks good, but I noticed the following two issues:

  1. I used to have notifications setup for irregularities only (i.e. controller offline, fault, or weather skip), but not when regular schedules were performed. This worked well in v2.
    Now, in v3, I now receive push notifications when a schedule starts and finishes as well - but I cannot turn that off anywhere!

  2. The date format on the “zones” tab is MM/DD and cannot be changed. The date format in most countries outside of the US is DD/MM. In other words, in Australia, for example, the “last run” and “next run” dates are reversed and not shown correctly.

Apart from that, and the missing Alexa integration in Australia, I must say that I still love my Rachio!



I also need to change date format…
Pls add date format selection since outside US we use different date formats.
I want to see date/ month and NOT month/ date for delayed water …


This should help you disable push notification for certain events (in your case schedule)

This is a great point, one I didn’t even consider (focused on units of measure :wink: )

I’ll bring this up with the product team and get their input. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!