Two glitches in v3: notifications and date format

Hi Rachio team,

Software v3 looks good, but I noticed the following two issues:

  1. I used to have notifications setup for irregularities only (i.e. controller offline, fault, or weather skip), but not when regular schedules were performed. This worked well in v2.
    Now, in v3, I now receive push notifications when a schedule starts and finishes as well - but I cannot turn that off anywhere!

  2. The date format on the “zones” tab is MM/DD and cannot be changed. The date format in most countries outside of the US is DD/MM. In other words, in Australia, for example, the “last run” and “next run” dates are reversed and not shown correctly.

Apart from that, and the missing Alexa integration in Australia, I must say that I still love my Rachio!


I also need to change date format…
Pls add date format selection since outside US we use different date formats.
I want to see date/ month and NOT month/ date for delayed water …

This should help you disable push notification for certain events (in your case schedule)

This is a great point, one I didn’t even consider (focused on units of measure :wink: )

I’ll bring this up with the product team and get their input. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Hi there, is there any progress on date format setting?
This topic is now quite old and I can’t change the date display in the app :woozy_face:

I’ll take a look at getting some more of the dates localized in app in an upcoming release. I know there’s some formats that get localized into the phones locale, but not all

Thank you zachio, that would be great :blush:

I just updated to ver. 4.1.3 and sadly, the date format is still not resolved :frowning:

No, we had that release branch cut before I got the new formatting in the code. But the changes are in the code now and it’ll be in the next release (given we don’t need to do a hotfix for any critical issues). I should also check, are you using iOS or Android?


That is great news!

I am using latest iOS

Hi Zach,
I just updated the Rachio app to the latest version and I see that it reads day/month as per the phone region setting.

Thank you so very much, it will make a lot of sense to all of us living out of US.

You guys are awesome!!!

Glad to hear it! In case you run into any more places that don’t have localized dates let me know, but I think I got the rest of them in this last update.