Turning on one zone alternates between two zones?

Here’s my problem - one zone doesn’t turn on at all (zone 5). However - zone 8 turns on two zones - every time I turn it on, it alternates between turning one area on (zone 8), then another (zone 5). The first time, it switches on zone 8. The second time, it switches on zone 5. And it keeps alternating. (Never at the same time, just to be clear).

As I mentioned, when I try to switch on zone 5 directly, nothing happens (blue light on, no water).

I’ve tested the wifi connection and the blue light goes on for both 5 and 8 when I turn it on manually. All the other zones work fine.

I’ve checked the wiring on the backplate and nothing jumps out at me as obviously wrong.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Whow. That sounds like a bad controller. That or you have the most cooky short in your valve box I have heard of…

Please reach out to [support@rachio.com] with pictures of your before and after wiring.