Turning on misters several times per day

I want to be able to turn on a misting system on a schedule like 1 minute every 15 minutes between 11 AM and 5 PM if the temperature is over 75 degrees (for example). Is there a way to set such a schedule?

Using IFTTT you can satisfy one dimension of this (time or weather) but not both :wink:

IFTTT can be used to trigger a schedule to run (you can just create a schedule and disable it, allowing IFTTT to trigger it). IFTTT has integrations with calendars, weather services, etc.

Hope this helps.


Cool, that makes sense.

So would the schedule look like “1 minute on every 15 minutes”, which IFTT would enable or disable? Or would it look like “run 1 minute”, and IFTT would trigger it to run every 15 minutes?

Can a schedule run for less than 1 minute? Like 30 seconds every 10 minutes?

I would create a schedule on the Iro to run one minute, and then disable it. You can then use a trigger in IFTTT to run that schedule at any interval you would like :wink:

So I just thought of this hack. We don’t allow you to run a zone for less than one minute, but you can create a schedule with one minute zones, and then just turn down the seasonal adjustment dial. So, if you want 30 seconds just turn it down to -50% :wink:


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Cool, thanks!

Here’s an IFTTT recipe for triggering a schedule to run at “X” temperature if you’re still trying to get this setup.

I checked to see if you could trigger a recipe to run using another recipe as the “If” trigger, but it doesn’t look like IFTTT currently supports said circular logic. If it did, you could trigger an interval recipe to run “X” times after the temperature recipe was activated. Maybe someday :wink:

Hope this helps

Best, Emil

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That’s great, thank you! I just ordered an Iro so I haven’t tried this yet, but I will soon.

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I wanted to do this overnight to keep the racoons from pulling up my new sod! I could buy a motion detector and try to hook it up to a smarthome hub, but 1 minute every 15 minutes is how much I want to water my lawn anyway.

So I tried IFTTT and there’s only one if allowed. What I got to work was to hook it up to Google Calendar, and created a event called “trigger rachio” every 30 minutes, manually, which was a pain in the ass, and it did work, but I’d have to create these events every night.

I don’t know that the rachio app should be in charge or a strange use case but anyone have any other ideas?

@fitch Why don’t you just make the calendar events recurring ? I have a recurring calendar event that issues a rain delay every other Saturday when my landscaper comes out. I only had to enter it once.

@azdavidr that’s because you cannot make a recurring calendar event within the same day, only different days.

The topic here is running something every 15 minutes. Rachio already has a recurring timer built-in for days-of-week

@fitch What I was suggesting was that you create X amount of events spaced 15 minutes apart, and each of them were set to recur daily.

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Gotcha, thanks