Turned on water to begin season. Cycle came on and won't turn off

Hi, I am new to this. My landscaper told me.last year to just shut off water and drain system and to leave the cycles on as it doesn’t matter. I just turned on the water for the season. One zone immediately came and is stuck on. I don’t see that my app shows it running right now. Do I just shut the whole thing off? If I turn it back on will everything resume? Thanks!

Disconnect the Rachio from AC power. If the zone continues to run, there is a problem with the valve, likely debris stuck in it.

If the water stops when you unplug it but starts flowing again as soon as you plug it back in, the output for that zone has likely failed (test by disconnecting the zone wire). If so and you have an unused zone, you could move the wire to a spare zone output.

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