Turn master valve into additional station

I would really like it if you could use the master valve as a station if you dont need it, I have several of the units and one of them is just one station short, I hate to buy a whole additional system just for one valve.

Hi @hosue, thanks for reaching out. That’s a great idea! We haven’t been asked for this feature by too many users, but if the demand is there, it could become a future feature :wink:

Just curious, how many Iros do you have? Could you double any of the zones that might have a similar hydrozone (i.e. same vegetation and nozzle type)?

If you have any other ideas on ways to make the Iro better, please let us know.

Best, Emil

That could have saved me $50. I have nine valves (unique requirements) and no master station!

@emil I have 4 iros they are physically very separate, the one where i need one more zone waters 3 planters( i already doubled up one) and use the rest to water different sections of my horse arena, unfortunately I do not have enough pressure to run more than 6 heads of the pump that drives them.

hint one of my other desires that i hear may be coming in 2.0 is the ability to bond controllers together. currently I have 3 controllers near my house that all run on the same booster pump, and i have to water at what i feel are non optimal watering times to prevent overlap.

@sbillard, sorry for any inconvenience.

@hosue, sorry this won’t be in 2.0 :disappointed: – but it’s still on our backlog. Our product team is in the process of reviewing all feature requests for future releases.

@sbillard To be honest, this is actually very difficult, imagine all of the distributed schedules if we had zones across different Iros and how to manage all of those.

So, I want to be transparent in that this feature is a way off, if we ever do logically tie physical Iros together.

I dont think it would be that hard, All i need is a feature that tells the schedule not to start if the other device is watering. This way I would not need to worry about my zones over lapping

@hosue, any chance you could share with us how you currently have your watering times setup and how you’d prefer to have them setup? I think this would help us to better understand your use case as we review feature requests for post 2.0 enhancements.