Trying to setup a home IN Bermuda

Hey, my home is in Bermuda. I can select Bermuda in the country list, however I can’t advance to the next step. It seems it doesn’t like the region.

Please advise what I can do to resolve. I’m assuming it’ll use the address to determine weather. Is Bermuda supported?

Does it not show a map to then pinpoint your location ?

No, if I hit use address, it just goes back to the enter address screen.

So you are going to Account > Homes > Edit Home > Address ???

Yes, enter an address it finds with Maps and continue. It enters the address with no Region, I can’t click use address.

If I enter a region and click use address it comes right back to the same page with region empty.

Thank you for the help.

I called the support line, and they’ve manually added my address to my account in their backend. Weather stations are working now!

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