Trying to link in Google Home and not showing up

So my first ratio linked just fine, this is my second one at my new house and whenever I try to set it up it does not follow through. it says linking and then goes back to the main screen yet my sprinkler controller does not show up. What am I missing? Gen 3 controller

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I have the same problem. In fact my first time link had correctly been set with the device. It’s only when I unliked the Rachio family in Google home settings and then re-linked then I see the problem appear. I did this to trouble shoot linking of Rachio for my siblings home that I look after.

The worse part now I can unlink the device as the unlink feature on the device itself doesn’t work.

So I have an orphaned link that can’t be managed for settings. The good news is that the device itself I can control from Google home, though this is of little satisfaction given I am sensitive about security in device access to only authorized family members.

I have submitted this as a bug to Google home too, as the platform is only useful if there is high integrity of connectors for devices and this isn’t the case with Rachio.

I gave up on integrating into Google home through rachio. I integrated into my smart things hub which then comes into Google Home and it translated correctly and it shows me my zones