Trying to get "flex daily" to water less often

I have 15 zones. 9 grass areas and 6 bush areas. I think I have all of my settings as correct as possible. I’ve read that less often and longer watering is better to stimulate root growth for drier times in the hot summer (I live in the Kansas City area).

my “flex daily” wants to water my lawn 3-4 days a week. is the fix just as simple as increasing the time that each zone can water?

also: is the flex daily setting able to water one area less than the amount of time I have it programmed for on a particular day? or does it just do all zones at their allotted time (or not do any of them)?

Thank you,

Have you been over to your advanced settings in your app and checked out the root depth for your zones? If not, I would suggest going there, measuring your roots, and adjust from there. If it is the default value (I do not remember what that is), I would not suddenly increase the depth by too much. You need to give the roots time to grow to the desired length. Brain is too foggy to get into more specifics (my sprinklers have been off for several months and I just got back from vacation).

Okay. What is the best way to measure root depth? :grinning:

get a 2 or 2.5 inch diameter piece of PVC about 2 ft long. Drive it straight down in the ground. Twist, then pull up. Take a broom stick and push the plug slowly out of the pipe. You should be able to see the roots. May have to lightly remove some dirt around the plug. Then measure from top of dirt to the bottom of the roots you find. You will need to do this in a could areas in each zone.