Troubleshooting Rachio 3 "Lockup" LED Sequence

After finding my Rachio (one of two units) was going offline on a regular basis (another thread), it started to appear that the problem was more than just a WifFi dropout.


  • Remove from outdoor enclosure

  • new power supply

  • Inside with only power connected, close to WiFi AP

When the unit fails (usually within 24hrs), it is blank: no LEDs. And no response to controller Buttons.

A power cycle produces the following sequence of Green and Orange LEDs (which I cannot find, so I presume is a service diagnostic)

After that the unit boots up to 2nd yellow bar (Lost Wifi) and requires Wifi settings entered again.

Have already organised a replacement, but would like to understand what is happening here:

Video of LED Sequence on Youtube


I’m sorry to hear that your Rachio 3 would not power on, but I am glad to know that you have a replacement on the way.

The light code that you captured in your video indicates that the firmware is installing. This is a normal light code. Unfortunately, it does not indicate what was going wrong with your Rachio. I am confident the replacement Rachio 3 will work for you without issue.