Troubleshooting drip lines

I have an 8zone Rachio. 4 of the zones are connected to are drip lines. If I manually open the valves I can see drips coming out of the lines. If I used the Rachio to turn on the zones, I see nothing.

I have double checked all wiring
The zones are set to be drip lines.
What is the best method to trouble shoot this?

Thanks in advance

If it is an issue with all the lines, chances are it is a wiring issue with the common wire (usually white).

What type of valves are they, out of curiosity?

They are rainbird anti-syphon and drip pressure regulators.

I will check the common wire, but the 4 other zones connected to the same controller but with traditional sprinkler heads all activate properly.

I was wondering if there are settings in the advanced settings I could change to induce the maximum flow so that I could then work backwards to the proper flow rates.

What’s the history of the system: has the system ever worked (if so, did anything change)? is this a new installation or did you take over the system from the previous owner?

If drip lines are using anti-siphon, then I assume they are all above ground. Are the sprinkler head lines also on the anti-siphon or are they inlines in a valve box? Are all 8 valves physically located next to each other?

Great questions.
Definitely applicable.

Turns out it is wiring. New zones added to existing system and the installer made some mistakes. Took me a while to debug it but I have traced down the wiring mistakes.

Thanks for the responses.