Trouble swapping out Irritrol RD-900 for Rachio3

Hi! I’ve read through a bunch of posts and feel like I’ve tried all the common fixes, but nothing has worked.

I think I connected all zone wires on Rachio in the same way (pic below) as my old Irritrol RD-900. I know the water is on because I ran the cycle before swapping them.

But when I try to test it now, nothing happens.

Thanks for your help!!

Pics included.

Can you take another picture with Rachio, but turn on the flash or something so the blue does not wash out the colors please? It looks like no master valve/pump nor any kind of sensor, correct?

Correct, no master nor sensor on the old one.

Much better, thank you. As you know, the colors look like they match up. Always good to have a second pair of eyes confirm. Do you have a multimeter? If so, I would suggest:

  1. Disconnect white and green and measure the number of Ohms across those wires
  2. Reconnect
  3. Turn on zone 1 and measure the AC voltage from the white to green wire
  4. Post both numbers here

Have you tested all 6 zones? Do you have Valve Monitoring on the Rachio?

@rt288290 - The only other thing that I can think of besides what @Thomas_Lerman suggested, is to post the make and model of the solenoid for a zone. They should be 24VAC powered - not DC. Or they could be pulling too much power. Based on the Irritrol the solenoids should be AC and be able to be powered by the Rachio.

Can you see the output power on the Irritrol transformer to see how many milliamps it provided to the controller?

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I don’t have valve monitoring. I do not have a multimeter, but maybe I should buy one to be able to check that.

In the old system, this is what was connected to the 24 input:

Confirmed it is getting the proper power…still not working though. Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas?

@rt288290 - can you post the front side of the Irritrol transformer to see how many milliamp or amps it is providing?

Just to make sure, are you able to manually run the zone by turning on at the valve?