Trouble adding Gen 2 to Wifi

I’m having trouble getting the controller to get on the wifi network. I had this running great since I got it in May this year, but i had to stop the sprinklers for some grubs for 2 days. After the 2 days are up, the controller was offline, so I had to add it back. I had it on a mesh wifi 5/2 ghz.

I have done the following:
set up new 2 ghz network
reset the controller multiple times, too many to count.
I have even removed it and am now trying to add it back to no avail. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, as now I am reduced to watering my lawn with the hose and having to move it around.

It is on Android. Nexus 5x phone
When I try to connect I get that it is updating the firmware, and then trying to connect to the wifi, but does not happen.

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@gholt - a couple of suggestions/questions:

  1. Run the RouteThis app and report the code to support, they may see something in the results
  1. Is there an iOS device (e.g. iPad) that can be used to perform the initial setup?

  2. What version of firmware is being reported by the app?

  3. Is the latest version of the Rachio app being used?


What is the support code that I should use for the RouteThis?

I have an Ipad. I’ll add it and see if I can get it working agin .

Not sure on the firmware, as I removed the controller and I am starting back on square one.

The Rachio App is the latest. I’ll check. version 3.8

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Tried the IOS route, on my iphone 5, i think. no Bueno couldn’t connect.
Ran the Route this. I found the code RACH. Do you need the code or just support.

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@gholt - send the code to Support. I’m just an end user, I don’t have access to the results.

Is the security set to higher than WEP on the WiFi (as Rachio doesn’t support WEP)? Should be WPA or WPA2 for security options.


it is wpa2Personal.

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Found the issue finally. Makes me laugh, as this has taken so. long.

the Rachio controller was blocked on my router. Finally fixed.

Thanks again for the help.