TRIC Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption

I found an Interesting article that talks about tree irrigation in drought areas ,you can learn more about TRIC Tree Ring Irrigation Contraption and Calculator by visiting the CCUH website:
A slide show presentation helps outline the entire process.
Its not for everybody but I thought I would pass it along. :flushed:

Very interesting @JNotar. Thanks for sharing this! Just curious, how are you watering your trees using your Iro?

Best, Emil

I am using a Toro flood bubbler.

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What precip rate do you have for your bubbler? Are you using the default nozzle in the app, or did you setup a custom nozzle?

I used the standard bubbler setting. The reason is that I started to make modification and got frustrated on the delays on the refresh on the desktop. I will definitely revisit it on the new 2.0 when it becomes avail. :wink: In the mean time I just made a mold of a bowl with the dirt under the tree and it seems to work just fine for the time being. :mask: To be continued …

@JNotar, gotcha. I’m sorry to hear you were having delays on the web app. If you’d like to add a custom nozzle via the mobile app, please reference this support article.

2.0 will be released next week :slight_smile: Here’s a preview:

@JNotar, It seems like your link is being truncated for some reason. Here’s a shortened URL for others that may be having trouble finding the information:

UC Davis TRIC .

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Thanks @kelpayne!

Rainbird’s Root Watering System (RWS) is another great product for watering new (and old) trees. For more information, please check out this PDF.

Best, Emil

Looks pretty neat. The drip tubing in the picture is Netafim. Make sure you clean the filter regularly in the pressure regulating filter.