Tree's and shrubs

I have a zone with two trees and a flowerbed that consist of just only shrubs. The two tree’s have bubblers and the flowerbed for the shrubs have dripline. For this zone I selected Drip Line and a Root Deph of 6in (newly planted shrubs and trees).

Should I look into having the contractor come out and split this zone into two seperate zone?

I know that some people will say no need to split the zone. Some will say to split it. When I put in my sprinklers, the designer put lawns on their own zones and everything else (trees, shrubs, etc.) mixed on the others. Over the past more than a year, I have split them so trees will be on their own zones. To me, it seems like normal circumstances might be that I would end up underwatering trees (causing shallow roots) OR overwatering the shrubs, etc. However, I have heard that if you get the roots going down deep enough (manually watering the trees), you might not need to water. However (yes, I keep saying however), some devices such as the Root Quencher that can be purchased through Rachio would help get water down to the roots instead of watering at the surface. So, several options exists and you may find several different opinions.

So in advanced settings for this zone in question, what should my root deph be? These were recently planted less than a month ago. Right now i have this zone set to 6".

I do not have trees yet, so do not feel like a good person to ask at this time. I am pretty new to drip as well.

No worries, any recommendations on settings for Area for sq ft? Should add the sq ft for tree and landscape bed?

Does this help? Drip Emitter Calculator for Precipitation Rate & Area - Schedules & Zones / Set Up & Edit Zones - Rachio Community

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FYI, the area doesn’t have any bearing on the function of the scheduling. All it does is give you an estimated usage.

Set the drip to what it needs and then adjust the bubblers for the trees and shrubs down so they don’t flood

A few thoughts…

Replacing the bubblers with drip line might be the easiest course of action.

In a perfect world every station would have all the same kinds of sprinklers and same watering needs…

I find having drip lines and anything else on the same station is problematic. Mixing other things is easier to compensate with adjustments. Drip line and others is much harder due to drip lines generally being a very long duration run vs other styles of watering.

The problem will be the drip line will not work well with bubblers. The water will take the path of least resistance and flow out of the bubblers with hardly any going out the drip line. I did this very thing on a install so i know this will happen. Drip line needs to be fully pressurized at the recommeded operating PSI to work well.

We too have areas of trees and shrubs/flowers all on drip lines, no bubblers. Our installer used the drip line to circle the trees 3-4 times to give them more water for deeper watering. Seems to work and all are thriving.