Trees and bushes and perennials on drip flex daily?

Hi I am hoping I can get some advice on how to set up a schedule for 4 zones. I have 4 drip lines all of which have trees, bushes and perennials on each line. Soil is clay out front on 2 lines. 2 lines in back are in berms that was built from ground dirt and planters mix soil. I lost 3 trees this spring in back and when I dug 2 of them out the soil was soaked. Like down deep it was basically standing water. It is at the edge of my yard which is the lowest part. 1 was a blue spruce and that soil was not soaking just damp. I replanted 3 new trees. Added compost and good dirt to the 2 that were soaked and cut back from 3 drips per tree to 1 drip. My drips are 1gph. The 3rd tree I left 3 drips on it and I’m going to try a limber pine this time. Now I’m trying to figure out how to set up my schedule.
I have 3 zones for grass but they have mixed heads. 2 zones have fixed (pop up) and rotors (rain bird normal) and 1 zone has all rotors (water saving type not sure what they are called specifically).
I have used flex monthly with all 7 zones in the past but I’m worried that is not the best for my situation.
Grass soil is mostly clay and front yard slopes slightly and has a few really bad bare spots.
Back yard as a slight slope and water stands in 2 places saturating the grass.
Grass is Kentucky blue grass and I live in Castle Rock Colorado at about 7K elevation.
Thanks for suggestions and sorry this is so long. :tired_face: