Tree zone


I had an extra zone installed for the trees knowing where i was planning on putting them but had not yet decided what i was putting. So i just told the installer to leave a single bubbler at each spot. He placed irritrol bubblers which i think are 1-5gpm.

Im in texas with loam soil, and would like to do slow long drip cycles.

I just finished planting.

2x 30 gallon crape myrtles
1x 45 gallon chitalpa
1x 45 gallon shumard red oak
1x 15 gallon vitex

What gpm rate do you guys recommend.

I am leaning towards installing pop ups (for asthetics) and possibly having more than one for the larger trees.

Was thinking of a mixture of hunters .25/.5/1 gpm multistream bubbler nozzles.

You’ll need to experiment - lower GPM is usually best for low runoff as soil has ample time to absorb water and makes deep watering feasible. I have loam and 1 GPM for trees is fine with no runoff. I add 1 GPM emitters outside the existing emitter saturation/moisture zones but within tree drip lines as trees get bigger. This reduces watering time as tree canopy diameters get bigger. Balance GPM with the water duration needs of other zones so you don’t run out of hours in a day to irrigate or end up with 24/7 irrigation.

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Thanks! So, to start, ill limit myself to 1 gpm in a given area.

Ill try going with the following right outside the rootballs.

1 x .5gpm + 1 x .25 gpm for .75 gpm on the oak and chitalpa.

2 x .25 gpm for .5 gpm on the crape myrtles and vitex.

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