Tree zone setup

I guess I’m confused with setting up my tree zones. Each tree has a single bubbler that puts out 1 gpm. Each bubbler covers a 3 foot circle based on recommended spacing. If I look at the advanced zone setup do I just setup the zone like a single tree around 10 square feet? If I do this and look a the PR equation of PR = (96.25(A*B))/© then this gives me a PR = 9.6 based on a single bubbler. Does this sound right?



@vmstretch, thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you’re confused on creating a custom nozzle. Drip zones are a bit tricky.

Assuming you have 1 bubbler per tree that outputs 1 GPM and it covers a 3 foot circle, I’ll assume the following:

The radius ® of the circle is 1.5 ft. Where r is the radius and Pi is the mathematical constant; r2*Pi = area of a circle. Therefore the area of your circle must be 7.069 sq feet = 7 sq ft rounded.

Next, we take the PR equation: PR = (96.25(A*B))/©

  • A = #heads -or- #emitters = 1
  • B = flow rate (GPM) per head -or- emitter = 1
  • C = zone square footage = 7

= (96.25(1*1))/(7) = 13.75 Inches per hour

Are you sure the emitter puts out 1 gallon per minute? i.e. can it fill a 1 gallon milk jug in one minute? If so, then this number sounds correct. However, if the emitter only outputs 1 gallon per hour, then the output is only 0.228

  • A = #heads -or- #emitters = 1
  • B = flow rate (GPM) per head -or- emitter = 1/60 = .0166
  • C = zone square footage = 7

= (96.25(1*.0166))/(7) = 0.228 Inches per hour

Hope this helps :smile:

Best, Emil