Transition to 2.0

It appears that 2.0 will change some significant concepts, all good ones it appears but change nevertheless. I’m scheduled to be out of the country when you will likely release, and live in the desert where there is fairly small margin for getting sprinkling wrong. Normally I would be watching daily and monitoring with a new release. So what is the strategy when it changes while I’m gone? My preference would be to stay with old method until I return to monitor and learn how it works. Is that a possibility? Is there a transition method that mirrors current method?


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You won’t have to worry about transitioning. If you do not create any flex schedules, everything will work 100% as before.


great thanks for your response. Your company is truly outstanding in quickly responding on these message boards. I have been on some other boards for new products and users are left to speculate with little help from those who actually know. So kudos for what you are accomplishing. Hopefully you sleep sometimes.