Transferred from old owner to new owner

We purchased a home that had the Rachio up and running. Transferred everything over to us and now I even have the pictures on each zone from the previous owner and all previous settings but nothing turns on. Need some help :slight_smile:

@cvalle - welcome to the community! Is there a separate manual cut-off valve that has turned the water off to the entire sprinkler system?

Is there a master valve in the system?

Is there a rain sensor that is wired into the common wire?

Does water come out of the zone when the manual bleed screw is turned on a zone (if there is a master valve, it will have to be opened too)?

Do you have access to an volt/ohm meter to check resistivity down a zone wire and voltage out of the Rachio?

Which generation of Rachio do you have? Gen 1 is square, Gen 2 has the status light in the formation of the Rachio logo and Gen 3 has a light bar across the front as the status lights.

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Ok so it was a simple fix… the previous owners has shut off the system at the main valve before they left. Smh lol thanks for the reply!