Transfer settings from Gen 1 to Gen 2?

I currently have the Rachio Gen 1. I anticipate moving to the Gen 2. Will I have to recreate all of my watering zones and information that is included in each zone? Or does information transfer to the Gen 2? Will I lose all of the present data and watering schedules that I have already created, or is their a way to backup that information?


Hey @deercutter,

If you copy your settings during set up, your zone and schedule information will transfer over. You won’t lose it.

We can’t transfer historical information, but your current setup will be fine.

Thanks for asking!

Here is a screenshot after onboarding, be sure to choose your gen 1 device :wink:


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Hi, everyone.
I came across this feed when I upgraded from a Gen 1 to Gen 2, but I never saw the above screen shot in the app when setting up the new Gen 2. Part of the problem seems to be Gen 1 is no longer compatible with my network, so it’s showing up as “offline.” I installed an Orbi for my wireless network, and ever since then, my Gen 1 hasn’t been able to join (my other Gen 2 switched over, no trouble).
Is there a way to copy these settings from an old device to a new if the old device isn’t online?

Thanks very much.


I will help with transferring your settings. Let me work with the customer success team and will get back to you.

As long as both controllers are on your account we can transfer settings.