Transfer Gen 1 to Gen 2

Going from Gen 1 to Gen 2. During set up I do not get the screen asking to set up the new device or to transfer settings. I need this ASAP because I am selling the Gen 1 and am to hand it over this evening. Had I known the set up/transfer process wasn’t going to work I would have made the swap sooner. I’ve tried multiple calls to the phone support team but no answer after a long hold each time. And no call back yet.

@mayby - is the Gen 1 a 16 zone and the Gen 2 an 8 zone version? If so, I don’t believe Rachio supports that migration path, even if zones 9 - 16 are not in use.

Both are 8 Zone.

I had the engineering team review and it doesn’t look like you have two controllers on the account anymore? If you still want to have the data transferred I can have the engineering team do that, but will need both controllers on one account.


@franz response and resolution wasn’t soon enough at all. Despite having removing and adding the new controller three times before posting I did it again while waiting for my first Reply to @DLane to be approved by a Moderator and then posted (unusual process). Fourth time worked and I transferred settings. I could have posted that within minutes of @DLane’s reply had the posting hold not been in place.