Transfer Gen 1 8 Zone to Gen 3 12 Zone Failure

Potentially my fault. Replaced the Gen 1 8 Zone with a Gen 3 12 Zone (Costco). Everything seemed to transfer fine. I then reset my Gen 1. I tried to set up HomeKit on the Gen 3 and it failed 10 times. I tried to troubleshoot and was told to remove/reset my Gen 3 and it should show up on my Home. Well, all my zone settings disappeared. There is NO transfer option. And my HomeKit still doesn’t work. Is there a way to at least transfer settings through Support? This is in the Cloud, correct? Thanks in advance!

Try calling them at 1-844-472-2446. (1-844-4-RACHIO). The community is not going to be able to help on this one.


Thank you, Linn! I thought I read somewhere that Support can transfer, not necessarily the Community. Thank you for the number!

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