Toro Vision 1 to Rachio 3?

I recently bought a home with an old Toro Vision 1 controller. Can I replace it with a Rachio 3? I currently have 6 zones and the system runs correctly. Thanks in advance.

I took a look at the manual:
Vision 1 Rebuild (

and see its Transformer Output @ 24 VAC, 20 VA with a battery backup for memory. This tells me that your valves are very likely ran off the standard 24 VAC. I do not see a reason why it would not work based upon that along. Depending on where and how it is mounted, you may run into some small challenges. If it is mounted on the wall in a garage and is plugged into a nearby outlet, that should be easier. You will use a small transformer supplied by Rachio as the power source. Obviously, I do not know if you have standard valves or old indexed valves which can work, but may be a little more of a challenge to set up. Wire length seems to be rarely an issue. I think I covered all my bases.

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Thanks, it is mounted outside and there is an outlet very close that the Toro currently plugs into.

Rachio 3 does not seemlessly replace all systems and functiona

According to who? Anything with a 24v solenoid can be replaced with Rachio, which should cover 99% of systems in the US, and probably a majority worldwide. While not ideal, it can even control an old indexing system.