Toro tfs 100 compatability issue

Hello friends

I have recently bought Toro tfs100 to be connected to Rachio controller g2. Unfortunately, the flow sensor body is Toro while the sensor head is Badger 735 vp.

Is any one tried this flowmeter with Rachio controller ? Is it compatible ?

Thank you

Hi @G3aau-

I actually just recently checked out your support conversation with Jeremy, I’m surprised we haven’t run into this issue before. I have contacted our “flow meter master” for some guidance, I will get back to you with his opinion!

Would love to hear if any other users have used this sensor successfully/unsuccessfully.

McKynzee :rachio:

So I talked with the head of our flow meter beta and this was his response after looking at the specs of the Badger sensor-

“Ok, so assuming they got the 1” S40 version of the badger meter, it should work the same as the Toro TFS-100

However, I can’t speak to the technical differences of the sensors."

So I think you should be in the clear, but if you want to be entirely sure, you could always tell the company you purchased from that you would like to get exactly what you ordered :wink:

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Thank you very much,

What I understand after this discussion, the Badger 1" S40 ( Toro TFS-100) which I got is compatible with Rachio g2. so, I can install it and run the system.


@G3aau While I can’t make any promises, as we haven’t tested with the Badger before, I think you should be good to go judging off the specs. Let me know how it goes!

Dear Mckynzee,

below is the reply of Badger Experts, for your investigation. Also, I think you have to add in the drop list the Badger 734 pv 10 which is equivalent to Toro TSF-100.

Purdy, Ronald

Tue 3/21, 11:06 PM
Technical Support (; +4 more
Unfortunately, the pictures included in your original email, were lost in cyber world.

However, reading through your email, and after a visit to the Amazon Web page, I think I understand at least part of your confusion.

While Sprinkler Warehouse correctly shows the TFS-100 as a 1” White Plastic Toro Sensor.

The Amazon page says TFS-100, but actually pictures the 1 ½” TFS-150

Actually, Badger Meter makes both of these products for Toro, and also sell them under our own brand name.
1” Model 735 and 1 ½” Model 228PV1506-1211

All four of these products have an almost identical Electrical Output, but of course the 1” sensor has a different frequency output than the 1 ½” sensors
Which is why all Four, where were included on the Rachio Compatibility list.

Since, we make the Toro TFS-100 for Toro, and they are electrically identical to our Series 735, I have no clue why Rachio removed the 735 from its list.
I was not aware they were having issues until I read your email. I have copied Rachio tech support in hopes of getting some additional details.

What is missing from your email string, is what problem(s) were you experiencing?

If I read the email string correctly, you are using the 1” Model 735.

I assume you have wired the sensor as Rachio recommends, and configured the Channel as instructed.

Both the Toro, and Badger 1” sensors require a minimum of 5 GPM to reliably report flows.
Do you have any idea what the actual flow in the pipe is thought to be?
Drip irrigation can have quite low flow rates, depending on what zones are activated.

If, following the Rachio instructions, the sensor does not appear to be working, the following may be helpful to troubleshoot further.

  1.   Assuming you are using the Rachio S1 Channel, with the sensor disconnected, measure the DC Voltage across the “S1” and “SC” Terminals.

( This will determine the Open Circuit voltage being sent the flow sensor – Typically 7VDC or greater)

  1.   With no flow, connect the flow sensor, and re-measure the voltage on the same two terminals.

( The voltage should drop slightly , perhaps a ½ to 1 Volt – If not look for bad wires, or splices)
( If the voltage drops significantly check for shorts in the wires or splices)

  1.   Establish a flow rate greater than 5 GPM.

All these sensors create pulses by briefly shorting across themselves to make pulses.
As a result, on a volt meter the voltage readings will appear unstable when there is enough flow to spin the impeller.
If the voltage is stable with no flow, and unstable when flow is greater than 5 GPM, the sensor is working.

  1.   Since these flow sensors create pulses by shorting across themselves many times a second, flow can be simulated the simply briefly and repeatedly shorting across the Rachio “S1” and “SC” terminals. This is a very brief “scratch” test not a steady short. The faster the make and break connection is made, the higher the reported flow rate will be.

I trust this is helpful.
Let me know, if you continue to have issues, or if I can assist further.

Ronald Purdy

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@G3aau Thank you for that information- that is incredibly interesting. Sounds like it should work completely fine then! I may contact Ronald at Badger to further confirm before updating our site, but I can’t imagine there are any issues if it’s just a difference in brand name :joy:

Thank you Mckynzee

I think also, Badger 735pv10 shall be added to the supported list of flow sensors in the advanced option when setup the sensors in thd app.

I already chosed Toro TFS-100 and there is a reading of flow, but, I am not sure it is accurate.


Thank you

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Since they use the same mechanism, I think that selecting the Toro TFS-100 should report correctly, let me know if you have any issues. I agree it makes more sense to add this to both lists, I will get your feedback to our team! Thank you for giving us this information!

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