Toro PSS-KIT Precision Soil Moisture Sensor Kit install with Rachio 3


I’m about to purchase a “Toro PSS-KIT Precision Soil Moisture Sensor Kit” from

Does anybody know the correct wiring setup for a Rachio 3?

This is a link to the Toro Soil Moisture Sensor “User’s Guide”. See page 8 for wiring.

If you could let me know which color wire goes to which connector on the Rachio it would be greatly appreciated.


Does this help? Gen3 should be close…I think @Gene or @DLane could close any gaps.

@sarachio We need to update this for Gen 3 :wink:



The wiring is different in your example. Maybe it’s for an older or different model of the Toro. Attached is a JPG wiring diagram of the Toro Model I’m planning on buying.pdf%20-%20Adobe%20Acrobat

If you could let me know which color wire goes to which connector on the Rachio it would be greatly appreciated.



Rachio documentation shows brown and white wires used (besides the two red power wires), this is correct as you normally need a NC (normally closed) output. Documentation does not mention the yellow wire as it should be left unused.

Here is the link to the wiring diagram:

Please note that there are two wires connected to the 24V- terminal (white and Red). Polarity of the red wires does not matter (thus it does not matter which one connects to which 24V terminal).


P.S. Happy to fill in @franz :wink:


Thanks @Gene, way above my paygrade.



Jeezzz. I guess I must be getting a little color blind in my old age. In the Rachio drawing I didn’t realize that what appeared to be a Grey wire to me was “White” wire and what appeared to be a “Dark Red” wire to me was the Brown.

I was thinking the Rachio drawing was for an older Toro Model or different Toro Model.

I’m set now. Thanks for the help. Amazon here I come.



I have used the Toro wireless water sensors at one of my clients. It works best for turf because the tines are short. They are not good for succulents or cactus and they do not work in coarse media such as decomposed granite.

The sensor will tell the controller to keep watering until the calibrated saturation point is met. You do not set it to water on specific days. You will need the sensor and the repeater device to get the signal from it to the controller.

I think there are soil sensors out there with longer tines for shrubs and BaseLine makes sensors for trees.


Thanks for the info…


I finally got around to installing the Toro Soil Moisture Sensor. It seems to be working fine so far. Thanks for all the help. Here’s a few photos. In the wiring photo you’ll see three thicknesses of wires. The thinnest wires are from the Toro Soil Moisture Sensor. The next thickest wires are the Rachio Flow Sensor and the thickest wires are from the Sprinkler Valves.


Gen 3 needs its own Rachio wireless soil moisture sensors. :wink:


The Toro moisture sensor has short tines and is for turf. For shrubs and trees, I think the Rain Bird sensor would be better since is has 4-6" tines.


I agree with @franz.


Agreed! That’s would be great!