TORO 212 mapping to Rachio 3


I am planning to replace my 8 zone TORO TMC-212 with Rachio 3 but there are no marking on the wiring to help with the zones. Is there a guide book to map the wires from Toro 212 to Rachio 3

I am attaching the picture of the wires on my TORO sprinhkler.

Thanks in advance for your help

@Amitjadli - piece of cake. Here you go:

Before disconnecting the existing Toro, I’d suggest a quick run of a minute or two on each zone to check and make sure everything is working correctly or noting any existing issues.

  1. Bottom left for the Toro is a red and white wire connected to terminals marked 24 VAC. Not needed in Rachio, trace them back and unplug the transformer. Rachio has its own transformer that should be used.

  2. Next up is a red wire going to Pump/MV terminal - that goes to the Rachio M terminal. Be sure to enable the master valve option in the Rachio app.

  3. Next up are two green wires going to the COM terminal. There are two Rachio C terminals on the 8 zone models so one wire can go in each terminal. It doesn’t matter which wire goes in which terminal.

  4. Next up is an orange and yellow wire going to the Sensor terminals. Those will go in the Rachio S1 and 24 VAC - terminals. If you want the rain sensor to be part of Rachio. Be sure to activate the rain sensor option for S1

  5. Across the top are the zones 1 through 8. Those go to the corresponding Rachio zones.

Enjoy and welcome to the community.


Hi- I have a rain sensor on my Toro TMC 212. There are 2 red wires from the wireless sensor remote, and 2 black wires from the AC Adapter plugged into wall- both plugged into the 2 24 VAC ports

I believe I would not use the 2 black wires here on the Rachio as power not needed.

On the Rachio 3 I am receiving tomorrow, there is a 24 + and a 24-

Do the red wires carry over from yhe wireless rain sensor- and if so - how? The Toro TMC 212 controller doesn’t differentiate 24VAC + from 24 VAC-.

Thank you!

@charlestower, this article should answer your question:

TLDR: Brown to S1, White and a Red to VAC -, other Red to VAC +. And don’t use the black wires.

Hello Dane,

My Rachio 3 is installed and working fine since past two weeks now. I need your help for following

  1. Where can I buy wireless flow meter?
  2. Which brand is compatible with Rachio 3 sprinkler controller?