Too much water pressure for sprinkler head

Water pressure is blowing my sprinkler head off the pvc pipe or maybe the adhesive came off. How is the sprinkler head supposed to attach?

Video for reference:

Do you know what brand and model of sprinkler it is? Usually those kind thread onto an adapter which is glued onto the pipe. It is hard to tell for sure as it is a bit far, but it looks like I see Teflon tape at the bottom which might be where it screws on, which might mean it is not glued if that is correct.

Hi! Thank you for responding. There were no threads at all and the purple on the pipe led me to believe it was just glued on with PVC primer/cement. So that’s what I did. It’s drying now, but I’ll post an update in the morning.

Sounds great. The threads are usually on the bottom of the body (the black part) with the PVC side being the male threads.

Purple is often primer, not glue. Blue is often glue.