Too frequent?

I’m using a flex daily schedule with all the default settings for cool season grass and sandy loam, lots of sun, steep.

This is causing the system to water every other day for about 25 minutes. Timing seems fine but it’s pretty temperate here - 70 high and 50 lows. Every other day seems excessive as I would expect more like once or twice a week?

I have been getting some fungal spots as a result.

Can you share your zone settings?

What’s the easiest way to do that? Screen shot


Actually everything seems fine, my grass is pretty happy. I laid down some granular popicanazole and that helped with the fungus. I water “before dawn” but I wonder if doing a bit later than that would be better, to eliminate the time the water sits, even if it increases evaporation a bit?

Here are my current settings for reference:

I only skip Wednesdays because that’s the day I mow the lawn.

Most of my zones look like this - I had the soil tested at my agricultural extension and I did the jar test and both came back as “sandy loam”

I use the default settings but here is the advanced menu just in case: