Time is off by two hours

The time in my Rachio 3 is off by two hours. I set it to come on at 7:00 am and it came in at 9:00?

Have you verified that the location in the controller settings is correct? The wrong location can result in the wrong time. If the location is correct can you send a screenshot showing the time setting for the schedule involved. It should look like this

Time is set for East Lansing Michigan.

If the zip code for the location is correct then my only suggestion if this was an Android phone would be to clear the cache and restart the phone. If that didn’t solve the problem then delete the app and reinstall. And if that didn’t solve the problem then contact Rachio Support. Sorry, I don’t know anything about iPhones. Perhaps someone else here will comment.

I got location to work but I just rest time to start at 10:30 today and it failed to start at that time?

I bet it is a timing issue. When you make the change on the phone it needs to propagate out to the Rachio servers. Perhaps there wasn’t enough time for that to happen. Try setting the start time an hour in the future. Also what kind of schedule are you using - is the schedule supposed to run today?