Time delay for manual watering

One feature that I would find useful is a time delay for the manual watering function. I have a couple zones that rarely need watering and don’t require running on a schedule. I water it here and there when I think that zone needs it. It would be nice to be able to setup a manual watering the night before and use a time delay so that it starts at 5am instead of requiring me to wake up to start it. I know I could setup a schedule to do this, but that defeats the purpose of the manual function and would then require me to remember to disable it once it has run.

personally, i would still create a schedule for it, with the zones, set the schedule to every day but disable it.

then enable it the night before, and disable it again that morning.

now, here is where ifttt could actually be useful, to disable the schedule for you when it starts.

but im pretty sure you cant do that :frowning:

Using IFTTT, one thing you could do is create a watering time, disable it, and then whenever you set a meeting on google calendar have it trigger the schedule :wink:


this is what i mean about iftt not being very useful. personally i would like to create an event for a schedule start/stop, not a zone.

and also provide schedule manipulation or zone manipulation via ifttt. i have wanted to do this 2 times now for my vegetable garden, but couldnt do it without a google calendar and that just feels ghetto as hell, having to drag a fourth party to the show.

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So I have an idea for one more IFTTT trigger, when 2.0 is fully behind us I want to get back to it. More to come later, it will open the system to be dynamic and configurable for anything. :wink:


now that is killer…now i can leverage iftt. im super stoked to hear that anything is planed to make iftt more useful.

and im not trying to beat you guys up over this. it seems fantastic, just half a step away from me doing a few adhoc like things to my most bad ass irrigation system that i have ever OWNED!

Yeah, I am sure I can find a work-around, I just wanted to post this suggestion and get people’s feedback, as I find myself more often than not wanting to manually water a zone but not right when I think of it (usually in the early morning when I am not awake). Was just envisioning a drop-down below the time setting that would allow a 1-24hr delay before it starts.

That being said, more robust IFTTT control capabilities that could create solutions for situations like this would be the next best option.

what i would really like to know is if flexies (flex schedules) will work well with this zone…

Well, here is the challenge:

Me and my neighbor share a 10 ft wide piece of turf that runs the length of our houses. Every house in our development has its own irrigation. Therefore, this piece of turf gets watered by both of our irrigation systems at different times. This combined with not much sun means that it doesn’t need watering that often. It only needs it once and a while when I notice it is getting a little dry because we haven’t had much rain and neither of us have watered. So, the flex schedules obviously wouldn’t be aware when my neighbor has watered.

wow, at first i thought you has some esoteric situation, but that doesnt sound like one.

yea, you dont have any great recourse here.

Sounds more like a communication problem with your neighbor to me, but I think we’re all a little guilty of that. You could just have him turn off his system for that zone, and use the SMART system that you own.

+1 on this feature to be native.
Great ideas about IFTTT, manual enable a specific schedule, but this should just be a core product feature. I’m on Flex Monthly and the end of July was SO hot I needed to water extra. Also sometimes it or me does a rain delay and then the weather get’s hot so need to water in between scheduled days.

If the schedule ran in the morning, it’s gonna be super hot and I need it to run the next morning too even if Flex Monthly is going to skip a few days. The issue is I don’t remember to manual start in the morning, not sure I’d remember to setup a google calendar, or disable a specific schedule.