Thunder killed my Rachio? Fuse

Last night we got a thunderstorm. Noticed that my Racho Gen 2 lights was off this morning, seems like there is no power to the unit. I checked the power supply. Measuring the output. It seems ok.
Is there any fuse in the controller that may have been toasted that is easy to check? Or a other way to proceed with troubleshooting?

More than likely your controller is toast if it was struck by lightning. Today’s controllers do not have a fuse. But you can confirm that with Rachio. I do the warranties at my distributor and I know that Rain Bird, Hunter and Toro warranties do not cover lightning (considered an act of God). But check with Rachio. Maybe they will help you out with a new controller if it is within their warranty period. It does not hurt to ask.


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Thank you for your reply. Yes I am afraid so you are right. Bummer…
Have no hopes of warranties me being located in Europe. Though its only 1 year old with only 5.4h running time.

Ps: God did not do it, here in Sweden it was Thor :slight_smile:

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@Arto - Rachio has a two year warranty from what I remember. Submit a ticket to Rachio for a RMA. Rachio has been very good honoring their warranty. Do you have an aftermarket power transformer for 230v to 24 VAC or is there a transformer in front of the Rachio transformer.


Ok i will have a try!
It’s a aftermarket transformer with bare wires on the end. I bought it together with the Rachio. From a US irrigation ebay store. It is spliced to the original end plug from the Rachio controller.
Can’t see any problems/damage more than it won’t power up.

Edit: Done with the ticket. I hope for the best.


We experienced something similar but it was the GFI that flipped off on another electrical outlet on the same circuit. I reset it and it worked.

Thank you for your reply.

Nothing else was affected by the thunderstorm, only the Rachio. It was a quite short and gentle “storm”.
Did not even bother to unplug things during or check things afterwards. Did just noticed there was no light coming from the controller the morning after.
I have a fault circuit interupter in my electrical cabinet for the whole house.

Could one of the Staff please check if i used the correct form when i wrote the request?
Thank you very much.

Pinged the team @Arto :slight_smile:

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No help from Rachio… Can’t claim warranty being located in Europe. BUT!.. If I want to buy a replacement unit I can go to Amazon according to the answer I received…

At Amazon Rachio are willing to take my money and ship one for me. With a nice deal for them as they don’t need to offer some support/warranty.

Always connect the transformer into a surge protector, my last controller was also struck by lightning and blew the transformer clear across the garage without losing a bit of altitude and ended up on a shelf., my Rachio did not see power until I it was connected to a surge protector., just wish there was a way to ground the low voltage wires

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