Thrive. What did I buy?

I bought a Rachio system from Costco. It said it included a thrive subscription (which appears in my account on my app) which expires March 2022. What does it include? I can’t find any description for anything Thrive related that doesn’t come in the mail and I haven’t received anything. All I see on the website is an ability to purchase Thrive Champion. I wasn’t given an option to receive any treatments and am wondering what’s going to expire.

I think they have had some supply issues with the Thrive product, and have had delays in shipping.

That being said, Thrive is a liquid application product that helps to condition the soil. It isn’t a fertilizer, but helps the grass and the ground to more effectively utilize the water being applied. There is more to it than that, but that is the cliff notes version.

Thank you for that. Are the terms Thrive and Thrive Champion interchangeable?


I chatted with customer service. Turns out my promised subscription is pretty worthless. I receive nothing unless I purchase a Thrive kit. It also sounded as if the kit includes a year’s subscription so what’s the point of a subscription to nothing that is included when you buy something anyway? Sounds like false/deceptive promotions.

Hi @Alphaxander,

I’m Dane with Rachio. I know that you’ve already worked with the support team. I’m sorry that you feel deceived, that is not our intention. I believe the manage subscription screen is the issue here. The wording in the manage subscription section of the app is confusing and we will address this.

I want to clarify that your Rachio 3 smart Irrigation controller that you purchased from Costco has access to Rachio Thrive premium features such as Yard Journal, Cultivate tab, Yard Troubleshooting, and our latest smart watering feature Enhanced Watering which adapts your watering schedule based on your input. You can read more about those features here

Also to clarify the terms used here:

Rachio Thrive: Rachio suite of lawn care subscription products such as Rachio Lawn Champion, Rachio Weed Watcher and premium app features.

Lawn Champion: Rachio’s microalgae based soil treatment specifically designed for turf available.

So Rachio Thrive is the program, and Rachio Lawn Champion is a product within that program.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can address.

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Is this available without the Lawn Champion subscription? Or is that the only way to get this feature in the app?

Hi @DaveB,

The enhanced watering and other features that I mentioned are only available through a subscription to Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion. Once the subscription has been activated in the app, you can access these features from the Yard tab.

@dane , in your previous email, you specified that Rachio Thrive is one subscription, and Lawn Champion is a separate subscription. I’m asking how to only subscribe to Rachio Thrive (without Lawn Champion), and how much that costs.

I think when you order Thrive you get the “Lawn Champion” stuff. When you get your Thrive, there is a code you enter into the app.

Alright. I don’t have thrive champion or the weeds program. So once my “subscription” ends, the only thing that’s left that you’ve listed are premium app features. So the journal is going to disappear? The “water a little more” options will disappear, and troubleshooting will disappear? Will it still monitor weather and adjust my schedule based on rain and temperature? I thought that’s what I was paying for in the long run and didn’t think that’s going to be pulled out from under me.

Yes, all this is in the “base” Rachio software. Fixed schedules will use these very little, Flex Monthly will use them somewhat (more of averaged data) and Flex Daily will use these to the max.