Thrive - What about the weeds?

Interested in Thrive. New lawn started in early April. I won’t use regular fertilizer or any weed killer. My dogs long term health is of greater importance than the lawn. That said I’d still like a lush green lawn. New lawn has a lot of dandelion and clover. I am pulling as many dandelion as I can, but there’s a lot. Will applying Thrive just cause everything to thrive? Grass, dandelion and clover?

Hey @Douglasacker!

We haven’t had any reports of Thrive making weeds worse. In fact, while soil health benefits all plant species, Thrive makes your turf grass compete better against weeds, keeping the arms race in balance. Over time and multiple applications, Thrive will even improve the weed resistance in many cases by making your lawn healthier under stress conditions which is when weeds tend to invade.


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