Thrive Weed Watcher compatibility

Rachio sent me an e-mail promoting the new product Thrive Weed Watcher. But there is no info I can find on their site on grass compatibility.

I have St. Augustine grass and would welcome anything that works to combat the various weeds that come in. I would like to see more info on Weed Watcher from Rachio before I try using it.


Hey @scottm29!

TLDR; Weed Watcher is designed to target weeds while keeping your grass safe from harm.

EXPLAINED; In the chelated form contained in Rachio Thrive Weed Watcher, broadleaf weeds absorb FeHEDTA easier and in higher quantities than turf (like St. Augustine.) Since iron adversely affects broadleaves more, Iron oxidation causes plant necrosis which in turn kills the weed. No damage occurs to the turf, although the turf around the treated area might turn a darker green temporarily.

Does this help? Let me know what else I can answer for you!

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That helps, very much. Thank you for the quick response.

I’ll be ordering it soon.

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Thanks for your reply. It was helpful for me.

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When is Weed Watcher coming to the Rachio store? My weeds are coming out already.

Hey @scottm29! Weed Watcher is available on as an add-on to new Thrive subscriptions. If you’re already a Thrive subscriber, the ability to purchase will be coming soon :slight_smile: Will update this thread when that’s available.

This is the first time I’m ever hearing about this product and I’m a current Thrive subscriber. Is it not available in California?

@laura.bauman I just received my Thrive annual replenishment box yesterday. Is there any way to get the Weed Watcher product after receiving the annual Thrive? Thanks!

Not yet…but stay tuned :slight_smile:

I received my Thrive Weed Watcher and have had a chance to see how well it works. Very impressive!
A couple of spray shots on the weeds until I saw the reddish drops accumulate on the weed leaves. No chemical smell or skin contact weirdness.

Had some rainfall. Waited 2 days, went out and checked - pretty much gone. Amazing.

The weeds I did find were shriveled dark remains. My grass surrounding the spots are green and healthy looking. Very surgical execution.

Great product Rachio!