Thrive order

I ordered a Thrive package on 12/15/20. The funds were charged to my credit card on 12/16/20.
I have not yet received my product. Unfortunately, I no longer have my email receipt, and I can find no way to trace my order on the Rachio site.

There doesn’t seem to be a phone number I can call for more information.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! Dave Carrick

@laura.bauman, there someone that can help Dave out?

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Thanks for the flag, @tmcgahey!

Hey @dcarrick! Sorry for the shipping delay! We’re running into some COVID-related supply issues but should be just about through it. In the meantime, you can do one of two things:

  • Call or email Rachio support to get a status update on your order. or 844-4RACHIO
  • DM me the email you likely used to order and I can reach out to support on my end to check for a status update


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