Thrive Fertilizer Injection

Maybe this is in the works, or it just isn’t possible.

I think it would be amazing to have the thrive fertilizer dispersed via an injection system. I don’t think it would be possible to work with something existing like the EZ-Flo (I think that would inject at a rate too slow for thrive). But how great would it be to have thrive automatically applied all by itself.

We already have the smart controller that knows how much water should be used, etc. Why not have a little battery powered solenoid/value that controls the thrive product application. I don’t know the science behind thrive, but maybe it would work even better if used in smaller concentrations for longer periods of time.

I only bring this up because I spent 30-60 minutes yesterday applying the product and the entire time I thought that it seems like its so close to being something so much greater.