Thrive Discontinued- Ability to Track Applications

Hey guys, bummed thrive is going away. I think it has done wonders for my yard. I know you are partnering with Sunday. I really hope you get the vitality and scheduling that you currently have in the app. I think integrating with your partner’s will keep your customers having fantastic looking lawns. If this is left out, I’m assuming we will have 2 places to look for scheduling

Here is more info on this
Lawn Champion Overview FAQ (

Seems to me that, at least for now, the partnership goes only as far as a discount code.

No idea what will come of the thrive only app features.

Thanks for the good review of Thrive. We’re sad to see it go. We plan on sunsetting the Yard tab by the end of the year, but we are interested in hearing your feedback and what features you want us to keep. The Product Team is collecting feedback about that here.

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Thanks @simonhill ! I filled out the form. Just signed up for Sunday. Hope you guys integrate some sort of Lawn nutrient system tracking with Rachio! Takes 2 to tango :wink: Thanks again for the last year of a killer lawn