Three weeks until next watering?

I just moved into a new house which had a Rachio 2 system installed. 2 zones (15, 16). I don’t know anything about the soil or plants, but think they are fairly drought resistant plants. I tried the soil test on the support page and came up with Silty Clay or Clay Loam, but really have no idea if I did that right.

I’m in San Francisco. It’s been warm lately, but will likely cool down soon. I made my best guesses at zone settings and set it up on flex monthly. It set each zone to water 1-2 hours (depending which zone settings I used), but then didn’t schedule the next watering for 2-3 weeks away. Is that really normal? I get that the theory is to water a lot at once then let it drain down, but when skimming through other threads on the forum here I didn’t see anything going longer than a few days or a maybe week between watering. 2-3 seems like a long time, especially when this week it has been 80+ degrees. I just want to make sure all my plants won’t die while I figure this thing out.

Thanks for the help!

Regarding your soil type, check with a local University or perhaps Community College Agriculture Department. Most of them have testing programs for your soil. Send them a sample, and for a small fee, they analyze your soil type.

Since you are taking over a Rachio you have 2 options. First, the previous home owner can give you control which I believe would preserve their setting for you. Go to More on the bottom right side of the app then Shared Access. The previous home owner can transfer access. Second, you can set it all up over again.

The irrigation timing could be accurate. I live an hours drive east of you and my lawn is watering every 5 days now and my perennials every 14 days. We are always warmer than San Francisco.

Here is a link on how to determine soil type. I personally just used the USDA and UC Davis websites listed in the link.